Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy = Students Focused on Learning

A good attitude is the key to academic success.  School rules are established for the safety and welfare of the students on all grade levels.  Each student is expected to respect and obey the staff and to follow the school rules.  We rely on parent support in helping their children understand and obey school rules, so that learning can take place free from disruptive behaviors.  There are consequences for students who do not follow the PS/MS 123 discipline policies.

Loss of Privileges – Students who develop a record of poor discipline will lose privileges, (for example not being allowed on school trips).

After School Detention – After school detention can be assigned for infraction of school rules and class disruption.  Detention is held on Monday and Friday from 2:20 p.m. until 3:20 p.m.  At the end of detention, students will be dismissed through the main school exit on 140th street.  Students who are assigned lunch and/or after-school detention five or more times during the school year may lose privileges to participate in special events and trips.

In School Suspension – Students who do not conform to school rules may be removed from the classroom, and assigned to the Student Support Room for an in-school suspension.  While in the Student Support Room, the student is required to complete all assigned classwork and homework.

In some cases, when a student is removed from the classroom, the parent will be contacted to pick up the student from school.   If your child continues not to follow school rules, he/she may receive other disciplinary measures, including being suspended. 

Out-of-School Student Suspension – Out-of-school suspension is assigned for a serious violation of NYC Department of Education and school rules and follows the NYCDOE Discipline Code.  Serious violations include fighting, insubordination, verbal or physical abuse of a teacher, conduct that endangers safety, morals, health or welfare of oneself or others. If students are suspended at the Superintendent’s level the student may be assigned to another school site.

Conflicts Between Students – If your child has a conflict with another child in the school, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS bring the issue to the attention of the teacher, parent coordinator, dean or guidance counselor so that the school can mediate the issue.  DO NOT approach the other child in the street or in the school.  Parents are always welcome to meet with school staff during Parent Engagement Time on Tuesday afternoons from 2:20p.m – 2:50 p.m. 

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