Electronic Devices

The PS/MS 123M Cell Phone Policy

Electronic Devices – Do they belong in school?

Collection and Use of cell phones- All student cell phones will be collected during first period. Student phones will be kept in a safe place and returned to the student before dismissal.  In grades 2 to 6, teachers, and in grades 7 and 8 the assistant principal, will collect and securely hold the phones until the end of the school day.  If a student does not give in his/her cell phone upon collection, and uses the phone during the school day, the telephone will be confiscated immediately.  The phone will be kept by a school administrator and returned ONLY to a parent or guardian.  A specific appointment will be set up for the parent/guardian to come to school to collect the phone. Any student arriving late will be required to give the phone to Ms. Olivo, our parent coordinator. The phone will be returned at the end of the day.

Students are not permitted to use a cell phone during the school day.  Should a student need to place a call during the day for an emergency purpose, he/she will be able to use the phone in the main office.

Students who have a medical condition, documented by a physician, that requires that he/she keep his/her cell phone while in school, may keep their cell phones upon submission of a doctor’s medical note to an administrator who will verify the information.

Use of Computing Devices – Computing devices may be used during the school day for educational purposes only and with permission from the teacher. At no time may a student visit social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat Instagram, or any other social media outlet.

Portable Music and Entertainment Systems – Portable music and entertainment systems may not be turned on while on school property except for instructional purposes and only with permission from the teacher. Headphones are also not permissible, unless under certain circumstances, but only with approval by a teacher. We suggest that your child not bring such devices to school as we cannot be responsible should it be lost.

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