Faculty & Staff

If you need to contact your child’s teacher, please write your child’s name in the subject line to ensure proper handling of your message.

3K/PreK Teachers
Ms. Jones,
Ms. Garcia,
Ms. Lujan, mlujan@ps123.org
Ms. Colon, acolon@ps123.org

Kindergarten Teachers
Ms. Edwards, kedwards@ps123.org
Ms. Campbell, jcampbell@ps123.org
Ms. Rosario, mrosario2@ps123.org

1st Grade Teachers
Ms. Archie, darchie@ps123.org

2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Nelson, ynelson@ps123.org
Ms. Capers,
Ms. Castro, kcastro1@ps123.org

3rd Grade Teachers
Ms. Davis, tdavis3@ps123.org
Ms Abuzaid,
Ms. Reddington, dreddington@ps123.org

4th Grade
Ms. Clarke, aclarke6@ps123.org
Ms. Gilbert, jgilbert@ps123.org

5th Grade
Ms. Sullivan, fsullivan@ps123.org
Ms. Guercio, rguercio@ps123.org
Ms. De Jesus, ydejesus@ps123.org
Mr. Greene,

6th Grade
Mr. Moradel, jmoradel@ps123.org
Ms. Zekthi, dzekthi@ps123.org
Ms. Thompson,

7th & 8th Grade
Mr. DiMarco, adimarco@ps123.org
Mr. Hellerman,
Ms. Lewinter, slewinter@ps123.org
Mr. Barclay, kbarclay@ps123.org
Mr. Boone, wboone@ps123.org
Ms. Burden, jburden@ps123.org

Specialty Teachers
Reading Intervention – Ms. Zucchiatti, fzucchiatti@ps123.org
Physical Education – Mr. Tenzin, ltenzin@ps123.org
Science – Ms. Thompson, tthompson@ps123.org
Music – Ms. O’ Brien, vobrien@ps123.org
Technology – Ms. Daney, kdaney@ps123.org

Special Education & Service Providers
Special Education Teacher Support Service (SETSS) – Ms. Arnold, acocchiara@ps123.org
IEP Teacher, Mr. Walsh, rwalsh@ps123.org
Occupational Therapy – Ms.
Speech Pathologist – Ms. Mager, rmager@ps123.org
Speech Pathologist – Mr. McDonald,

English as a New Language
Grades K-5 – Ms. Galeano, jgaleano@ps123.org
Grades 6-8 – Mr. Fried, sparanadafried@ps123.org

Guidance Counselor
Ms. Benitez, vbenitez@ps123.org

Ms. James, mjames@ps123.org

Data Coach – Ms. Jeffries, gjeffri@ps123.org
DOE Universal Literacy Coach (K-2) – Ms. DeNyse, adenyse@ps123.org
UFT Teacher Center Site Coordinator, Math Coach – Ms. Chi, achi@ps123.org

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