Grading & Homework Policy

Grading Policy

Creating a strong academic foundation is compared to building a strong foundation for a house. Students are expected to work hard and complete rigorous academic assignments to prepare for college and make positive career choices.  The PS/MS 123 grading policy is focused on how the student demonstrates that he or she has learned the curriculum.  Students and teachers work together to assess students’ learning. 

The following chart illustrates the factors that contribute to a student’s final grade.

Promotion Criteria

Promotion is based on multiple sources of student work and assessments.  For students in grade 8 to be promoted, they need to have passed all core classes, have a complete student work portfolio, and a passing score on State tests in literacy and mathematics or blackline masters.

Homework Policy

Why is Homework Important?

It is very important that students do homework on a daily basis. Homework is assigned not only because it is a part of school regulations, but because it reinforces and extends what was learned during the school day, establishes good study habits, and builds responsibility.  You can help your child with his/her homework. Homework is assigned to students Monday – Friday including holidays and vacations using the following suggested time schedule:

  • Kindergarten – 2nd grade – 20 -30 minutes
  • Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades – 60 minutes
  • Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades – 90 minutes

Reading Homework

Since reading is the foundation of all learning, reading at home on a daily basis is part of homework. You can build in a reading routine with your children as part of daily activities.

  • Pre-Kindergarten – 2nd grades students are expected to read or to be read to for 20 minutes a day
  • Students in grades 3 -5 need to read 30 minutes per day
  • Students in grades 5 -8 need to read 45-60 minutes per day

myOn Reader and iReady are online resources for reading at home.

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