Healthy Kids

Keeping All Our Students Healthy

Illness – If your child is not feeling well before leaving for school, keep them at home. This is especially important if you child is vomiting, running a fever, or has a contagious ailment (such as pink eye).  If your child does not feel well while at school, he/she will be sent to the nurse’s office. If he or she is too ill to remain in school, the nurse will contact you to come and pick up your child. 

Injury – If your child gets injured on the bus, in the schoolyard, or in the school building he/she will see the nurse as soon as possible.  First aid will be administered as needed and you can take your child for a follow-up treatment with your primary care physician. 

Medication (504 Form) – If your child needs to take medication while in school (such as an asthma pump), a 504 Medical Form must be completed by the child’s primary care physician and brought to the main office.  Medication, in the original container, can then be brought to the school to be kept in the nurse’s office.  The nurse will dispense the medication. The 504 Medical Form needs to be updated regularly especially in cases where a child is asthmatic, diabetic, or has an ongoing medical condition.  If your child’s medication or condition changes, please update the 504 form immediately.  504 Medical Forms must be submitted annually.

Immunization – It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your child is immunized and that the immunization record is updated regularly.  If your child is not properly immunized (according the NYC Department of Health) he/she can be excluded from school.  For additional information regarding immunizations, please contact Ms. Fox, Pupil Accounting Secretary or the Family Coach at 212-342-6200. Physical Examinations – A NYC Department of Health doctor works at the school one day per month. The doctor is available to provide physical examinations for students and required yearly physicals.  If you wish to have your child examined by the doctor, you mustsign a permission slip.  Contact Ms. Olivo, the Parent Coordinator at 212-342-6

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