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Learn how to activate your account and navigate Google Classroom.

Click to view: 2020 Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom

Your child’s student email address is formatted with NO SPACES.

Kindergarten – Grade 2
first name last name@ps123.org (Ex. johndoe@ps123.org)
Password (All CAPS): LEARN123
Password: learn123

Grades 3-8
first initial of first name last name@ps123.org (Ex. jdoe@ps123.org)
first TWO letters of first name last name@ps123.org (Ex. jodoe@ps123.org)
Password: learning123

If you were unable to pick up materials for Remote Learning at PS 123, below are 3 options to get what you need for your child.
• See the information below for instructions on finding your child’s PS 123 google account: Student google account
• Contact your child’s teacher for help: Faculty & Staff page
• Fill out the Family Support Form on the help page: Family Support Form

PS/MS 123 Mahalia Jackson
School of Literacy & the Arts
301 West 140th Street, New York, New York 10030
Telephone: (212) 342-6200


You are hereby assigned a personalized email on the ps123 domain.

Internet access and e-mail provided by the NYCDOE are intended for educational use, instruction, research and the facilitation of communication, collaboration, and other educational related purposes. Users are subject to the same standards expected in a classroom.

The use of a school email is a privilege and a necessity for your career readiness and 21st century skills.

This email will allow you to: 

  • Complete and hand in assignments from class or home
  • Collaborate and work with classmates on projects
  • Practice and improve your technology skills

Note: The PS123 Domain users have NO right to privacy while using the Department’s Internet Systems. The Department monitors users’ online activities and reserves the right to access, review, copy, store, or delete any electronic communications or files. This includes any items stored on Department-provided devices, such as files, e-mails, cookies, and Internet history. Any infraction or attempt to use for any other purpose than school work will result in cancellation of the email.

PS 123 Administration

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