Parent Involvement

How can I get involved?

Parents’ Association

Parents, guardians, grandparents and other family members are encouraged to attend PA meetings to support our school. Workshops and parent training sessions will also be offered during the year. Our Parents Association provides a great deal of support for our programs via fund raisers. Please make sure to look out for information. In addition, the president of the PA is a member and decision maker as part of our School Leadership Team, helping us address all aspects of the school program.

Parent Orientation

We are looking forward to meeting parents during the September Parent Orientation/ Curriculum Night.  This year, Parent Curriculum Night is scheduled on September 12, 2019

Parent Teacher Conferences

Afternoon and evening conferences are held twice each year, usually in November and March.  Your child will bring home a notice from the school telling of the exact dates and times. Please look out for this information and be sure to visit your child’s teacher during this time. It is important to stay up to date on the performance and progress your child is making in school.

Special Events

Through the school year we will be hosting special events for families. We start off our year with a Back to School Fair, the first Saturday of the school year. We then host Bring Your Father to Work Day, publishing parties, Math Night, award ceremonies in January and June, and special assemblies. Please join us!

Parent Volunteers

Parents are our most valuable resource and we welcome all parents to volunteer at the school. Your assistance is needed and appreciated in a number of activities.   Parents are not permitted to volunteer in their own child’s classrooms.  If you wish to become a parent volunteer, contact Ms. Olivo, the Parent Coordinator, at 212- 342-6200.  The school will provide training for parent volunteers two times per year.

Parent Academies

During Parent Engagement Time on select Tuesday afternoons, from 2:20 to 2:55, we will be offering opportunities for family members to join us in learning about our curricula and school programs. Teachers will be involved in sharing key information. Specific dates and times will be sent out at the beginning of the school year. Please make sure to mark your calendar and plan to join us.

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