Uniform Policy

PS/MS 123 has a schoolwide uniform policy.  Research shows that wearing uniforms

  • Builds a greater student focus on learning with less distractions.
  • Minimizes conflicts with peers

Uniforms are mandatory and all students are expected to wear uniforms to school daily. Parents will be contacted to bring the uniform to school when students are not dressed in their uniforms.  Because we are striving to have 100% uniform compliance, students who do not follow the school dress code will receive lunch/after school detention.

Elementary School Uniform (Grades Pre-Kindergarten – 5):  Boys are to wear plain collared yellow shirts and navy pants; girls are to wear plain collared yellow blouses, navy skirts or pants. Sweaters are to be navy and no hoods are allowed.  Blue jeans are not considered a uniform.  PS/MS 123 has designed a new uniform with our logo. Please contact Ms. Olivo our parent coordinator about purchasing. We would like all elementary students to be wearing our new uniform as soon as possible.

Middle School Uniform (Grades 6-8): There is a new logo uniform available for Middle School Students. Please contact Ms. Olivo, our parent coordinator for additional information about purchasing. By October 1, 2019, all students must be wearing our new uniform. Until then, boys are to wear plain white collared shirts and navy pants. Girls are to wear plain white collared shirts and blue pants or skirts.  Sweaters are to be navy and no hoods are allowed. Blue jeans, sweat pants and white t-shirts are not included as part of our uniform policy.  Footwear must be safe so students can move about the school safely. Therefore, slides or shoes with heels are not allowed.

Again, if you need information on purchasing uniforms, contact Ms. Olivo, the PS/MS 123 Parent Coordinator at 212-342-6200.

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